Sebastian Llovera
Based in Ann Arbor, MI. MFA Candidate, University of Michigan, MI, USA.


Sebastian uses different media and materials as triggers to reflect on reality, the human condition, and its connection with nature and technology. His projects usually manifest in installations where elements such as archives, scientific documents, fungi and maps stand out, as well as the use of tools such as photography, cyanotype, machine learning and augmented reality. He seeks to generate questions on various topics like systemic thinking and human-technology interactions throughout time and likes to speculate about the world beyond an anthropocentric standpoint but at the same time recognizing its improbability. For this, he  looks for the intersections between humans, artifacts and other types of phenomena. In the works , concepts such as artificial/natural become intricate, opening fields of reflection on the perception of them.

He has participated in exhibitions at SALON ACME 10 (Mexico city) the CICA Museum of Contemporary Art (South Korea), the Eve-Maria Zimmermann International Biennial of Emerging Contemporary Art (BACOS) (Spain), and at the Museum of the National University of Colombia (Bogotá), among others. Among his recognitions, the First Place of the XXII Youth Hall with FIA, Caracas, Venezuela and the nomination for the BLOOOM 2017 awards, Dusseldorf, Germany.