This work builds relationships with a landscape observed through a bus skylight in Caracas city and images of the Voynich manuscript, hand writing in an unknown writing system. The manuscript shows aseries of botanical drawings. There are as well recordings of fruit sellers of street markets in Caracas.This trinity of elements revolves around the flora in three situations: observed, manipulated, andrepresented by humans. Triggering vast and complex meanings amongst which are financial,environmental and anthropologic issues as most notable. The voices of sellers reveals the difficultsituation that people of Venezuela are involved in finding food for cheap prices, submitting togovernment regulation systems in distribution. As well flora has a singular growing and reproduction system which leads to metaphors on how humans can develop new and organic relationships with its context. Living in a world fraught by technology and its illusory promise of connection the individuals seems to bemore fragmented and isolated. The video and sound was recorded with a phone camera, giving importance at everyday tools as powerful devices which are able to communicate in other ways as the usual ones.