Sobre ficciones adaptativas y otros embustes.


“[...In Sebastián Llovera’s work nomadism leads to a migration of knowledge, to a point that connects us with alternative forms of thought and the creation of new languages. It focuses on the construction of the image from an Artificial Intelligence program. There is nothing in his works that corresponds to real objects. The elements of the digital composition were taken from drawings of animals, inventories and illustrations of botanical species, fungi and real ancient maps; but the images, absolutely all, were generated with that program. The result is a combination of real images and images generated by Artificial Intelligence, all dialoguing in the same composition, which in the end is printed on aluminum sheets as thin as parchment. This places us before a representation of the representation, a fractal of repetitions, of variations upon variations. The printing is of such perfection that the images look like real skins and reliefs. The reflections are unleashed when the viewer moves around them. Unexpected colors emerge in that unreal, artificial world, beyond the real, which ends up being more real than the real – a hybrid world...]”
Maria Luz Cardenas.